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Why install EV chargers at your office now?

Experts claim people spend 1/3 of their life at the workplace. Why not offer your occupants the opportunity to charge their EVs and create a value add to your building by contacting Vehya for an EV assessment?

  • Differentiates and is a value add.
  • Increases brand image.
  • Enhances return on investment.
  • Attracts higher income occupants.
  • Promotes e-mobility and sustainability.
  • Federal and state tax credits.

Vehya has the right solutions for your office and business space.

level 2 charger

Level 2 Charger

Need a level 2 EV charger?

Enel X 50KW JuicePump

Level 3 Charger

Need a level 3 EV charger?



Need EV charger installation?