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Why install EV chargers at your auto dealership now?

The automotive industry is rapidly transitioning to EVs. More and more customers are asking about and purchasing EVs. Experts predict that 20% of vehicles sold will be EVs by 2025. Why wait until the last minute to get an EV charger assessment by Vehya for your auto dealership?

  • Gives a competitive advantage.
  • Gains preferred vehicle allocation.
  • Significantly reduces fueling cost.
  • Creates value add and attracts customers.
  • Increases profits.
  • Expresses commitment to e-mobility and sustainability.
  • Federal and state tax credits.

Vehya has the right solutions for your OEM’s EV readiness needs.

level 2 charger

Level 2 Charger

Need a level 2 EV charger?

Enel X 50KW JuicePump

Level 3 Charger

Need a level 3 EV charger?



Need EV charger installation?